Since 1993, we have been offering a wide range of unique cleaning products in many countries, mainly throughout Europe. As we make use of a direct marketing method in selling our products, our customers are availed of an opportunity to appraise themselves in detail of their outstanding qualities during a special presentation held by our consultants� We strive to shape the public’s environmental awareness, as well as reduce overall environmental pollution.

The NanoSilver Technology brand is founded on the four key principles:

QualityWe offer a range of high quality, innovative, extremely effective products which boast a number of pertinent endorsements and certifications

HealthOur products directly contribute to protecting by far the most valuable commodity - human health

Comfort and convenienceMaking use of our products is instrumental in making financial savings, as well as allows to save time and reduce overall energy expenditure

EnvironmentOur environmentally friendly products significantly contribute to an effective protection of the ecosystem

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